Compare Kit Prices

Please consider comparing our prices with some of the more popular websites below.  We believe after you consider price and experience in understanding hormone kit results you will agree that Dr Katie Carter is your best value for hormone kits, as well as reading and understanding the results.

If you would still like to purchase your hormone kit from one of the sources below please follow the link and when you have your results, give our office a call.  If you would rather capitalize on the wealth of information that Dr. Carter offers to purchase the right kit, and review the end results, then make an appointment with our office and let’s begin together.

New Patient: 1/2 hour discussing which lab to run and where: $200
New Patient: With lab result analysis, 1 hour $400
Return Patient: 1/2 hour $200

Dr. Katie Carter can help you decide which hormone lab tests to run and which company will better suit you.  Often if you get the hormone tests through our office the price is less then the patient prices provided on a website.