Dr. Katie Carter

Dr. Carter has a passion for treating pain and pain syndromes, utilizing prolo, prolozone, neuro prolo, and other Naturopathic modalities. With more then 30 years of experience with hormone testing, and the use of nutrients and herbal formulas to support optimal hormone production as well as the use of bioidentical hormones. Naturopathic Medicine is a primary health care system that utilizes natural therapies, including modern and traditional methods of treatment.

No matter if you recieve your testing kits from Doctors Data, Genova Diagnostics (GDX) or Precision Analytical’s Dutch Test, Dr Katie Carter can assist you in reading and understanding the results, and more importantly advise you with years of knowledge and understanding.

As science evolves so does Dr. Katie Carter’s knowledge. Dr. Carter is Always keeping in step with the most up to date research regarding hormones, their metabolism. She is an expert in creating a treatment plan based on a patient’s detailed history and their lab results.